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Hiking Comes In All Forms In Utah. For Me This Was Snow. For The Two Shown In The Image Above - It Was Cross Country Skiing.

Pages Listed Below Describe Trails In Detail.
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Note: Inserts -E, G, and H are also accessable from main text links on "index to 6". This is because they and "index to 6" were amoung the 1st pages created for the site. The 3 have since been redone with newer images.

INSERT A- "Jardine.html"-(Note: this is also a popular bicycle trail know to bicycle enthusiast) Describes a trail and shows a 3200 year old juniper tree in lush green Logan Canyon , in northernmost Utah. (Dorothy, you're not in Kansas anymore!)

(B) DINOSAUR NATIONAL MONUMENT, Utah- "The Jones Hole Trail". Be prepared- summers are very hot, winters quite frigid. This is a long hike with a lot of solitude - and beauty!

INSERTS C and D- "Blackcanyon.html" and " Blkcanyon2.html " - ( Trails vary considerably in how strenuous they are .Check these two pages . ) Shown here are images of a newer and very beautiful national park---- " Black Canyon of The Gunnison National Park " . I express here my thoughts about the rim roads , two of the four trails that I hiked while there ,and three campsites. Locations where these photos were taken are listed on page 5.

INSERT E-These strange rocks, near Hanksville, Utah, look haunting and appear almost lifelike. (E2) HIGH COUNTRY HIKING trails near Salt Lake City. These trails lead to beautiful alpine lakes.

INSERT F- "rockyplaces.html"- ( main access is from here . ) This is about a National Reserve in Idaho frequented by rock climbers .It is hot in summer & quite chilly in winter .This page also mentions a desert park in Colorado , with an image of a bizarre rock (along right side of page) .

INSERT G- " pricecanyon.html " - ( access here or from page 2 link that says " the trail ") .The pictures are old- but I wanted to show the trail and describe the hike. The scenery is gorgeous! The campsite has,fortunately, not been spoiled yet by modern conveniences.It is primitive.

INSERT H- "dinosaur.html"-(access from this location only)-Has photos near a primitive campsite that includes a nice trail in one of the quieter areas of " Dinosaur National Monument ".For more on Dinosaur- access page 3 or 5 from "index.html"(page 1).

INSERT I--( that's this page )-- This ski image was taken in late December just a few miles from Snowbird Ski Resort in Little Cottonwood Canyon. It's near Salt Lake City, Utah. The area is very popular to both tourist and locals.

Want more trails ? See photo listings near top of page 5. Or, go to the stella section. Florida Trails Artsy 2

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