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" Bells Swells "

I am beginning my hike in Bell Canyon . I begin by stepping onto a steep incline.The weather is delightfully cool. As usual , I walk along swiftly . I am anxious to arrive at the first overlook . Once at the overlook , having completed the only strenuous leg of my journey , I peer off to the side - seeing houses in the bottom of a deep ravine below me. Ready to excape my daily routine , I turn and look in the opposit direction of the valley. The trail is close to the mountain tops. The distant horizon is so inviting it seems to be whispering "don't stop now" . I am hiking on a ridge. Just before the reservoir , the trail forks left. At the Bell Canyon Reservoir (image-main page) it is fall and the views looking down are colorful. About a hundred yards beyond the reservoir, an arrow on a small wooden trail sign points left. I am about to enter the wilderness ! There are small trees and high bushes all along this portion of the trail . After awhile the views are wide open again. Off to my left is a distant valley with large mountains covered in snow. The view is magnificent.Further down the trail , near a bridge , there is another trail sign. I decide to veer right and walk on a path that follows a stream.The stream is full of fast rushing water overflowing its' banks(image above) . By now, I feel so disconnected from the rest of civilization that the "sense of wilderness" overwhelms me.It is so peaceful here ! Later , I turn and walk back toward the sign and cross over the footbridge to view it from the other side. The suns golden rays on the stream and bridge create a beautiful view. The shadows are growing longer with each passing hour. The day is late. I must return home.