Behold! -Price Canyon Has Glorious Viewpoints!

The Views Are Worth The Strenuous Hiking

This trail, one of the more unusual ones I have been on, begins at the Price Canyon Campground, and is a strenuous 5 hour round trip hike. Its unique look is from an occasional appearance of dryness- despite otherwise lush vegetation. Tree limbs droop downward. Groups of needleless trees can often be seen together- perhaps lifeless, but still standing, creating a dramatic contrast between trees and surrounding landscape . Further into the trail, I spotted a large grove of aspen trees displaying a full range of fall colors . The moderate difficulty of the trail is more from its length than from a gain in elevation. Located in the "Price Canyon Recreation Area" near Helper, Utah, the trail is one of the most attractive hikes I have ever been on in north Utah.The view from the peak was spectacular ! (Latest images taken in summer)

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