Land of Blue Skies

SEE MY POINT! THESE lights kinda' ruin camping for visitors who like small campertop and tent style camping.We love to feel the fresh breezes--hear the crickets--smell the aroma of the desert and woods-- and in the darkness of night-let our imaginations take us on a tranquil journey as we view the silhouettes of nearby sagebrush, trees, and distant mountains.

Here is a great area-it's primitive , with a trail which is challenging and yet which is long enough that you are not finished hiking it in 15 minutes--yet easy enough that it isn't like having to hike back up the Grand Canyon.There are magnificent viewpoints on the trail. Its campground -known as"Price Canyon Campground",in a canyon of the same name, has primitive campsites --with only pit toilets---no blaring restroom lights or streetpoles illuminating everything within 60 yards in every direction. It does have picnic tables and provides campers some shaded areas at their sites. This is camping at its best. This is it !

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If you listen close now, you can hear the owls hoot, above the roar of the rustling wind.