Allow me to explain my website. The original section ( index to 6 ) , expresses the beauty of the Great American West. Most images have been replaced with newer ones. index to 6. Alternate link Start on page 2

The "Hiking and Camping" section is about western areas - accurately describing them with a photojournalistic approach (from index click "Get Hiking Information" or click the "Hiking Trails" link at the bottom of page 6). Links on the right side of the hiking section "list page" (the colored side bar) connect to nearly all trails listed in other sections of website. These side bar links on the Hiking and Camping list page generally link to pages that are usually very descriptive.

"New Index- Classic", an updated, maroon colored, and complete alternative index, links to all website sections. From index click on "New Index Classic". This list page is an alternative, perhaps easier to follow, full site index. New Index Classic. (However "this version" of the main website list page was "designed for large Apple Desktops").

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Big - Section has large wildlife, mainly taken in western National Parks.
Stella - Insects and Trails ( In National Parks - described ) . Artsy 2 - Southern Lifestyle.
Artsy - Florida birds/coastal images, National Historic Areas, (and a few western shots).
Student Submissions - Includes beautiful National Parks and city images. (Many submitted as assignments for brief "on line" classes - including one in photojournalism).
Stream Whisperers -Grandear section- Still more streams in the canyons. Also - two beautiful Yellowstone waterfalls .
Christmas - Glorious holiday beauty at night from Temple Square in Salt Lake City,Utah. That's the L.D.S. (mormon) Temple . Alternate list
Washington D.C. - Historic buildings in Washington. Mainly abstracts.
Death Valley - California / Nevada - Historic buildings of the gold rush era - and - a few desert scenes .
Mysterioso - Red rock desert scenery in Arches National Park, the "Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument", Dinosaur N.M., Lake Powell, and Canyon De Chelly.
Western Art - Artistic images from urban landscapes or scenic locations in the western U.S. (Starts with Christmas Pages).
Jenny - Western nature scenes and artistic interpretations of the American South.