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Big - Large wildlife - mainly in western parks. Stella - Insects, trails and National Park descriptions. Artsy 2 - The American south. Artsy - Florida birds / coastal images, National Historic Areas, - and a few western shots. Student Submissions - National Parks and city scenes. Stream Whisperers -Grandear section - stream and two Yellowstone waterfalls . Christmas - Holiday beauty at night from Temple Square in Salt Lake City,Utah. Alternate Christmas list (adds details of each page) Washington - Washington D.C. - Mainly abstracts. Death Valley - California / Nevada - Historic buildings of the gold rush era. A few desert scenes . Mysterioso - Arches National Park, Lake Powell, Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, Dinosaur National Monument, and Canyon De Chelly. Jenny - Western nature scenes. Artistic interpretations of the American South. Western Art - Images from the west shot in urban or natural surroundings. *Note: Western Art section begins with Christmas pages.

- Here are two other Sections - (original pages) Index To 6. Also Hiking / Camping. This section covers trails extensively.