Dinosaur National Monument has a great 
quarry built directly over Dinosaur fossils. Inside it is a visitor center and gift shop Image by Robert Pear from an image photo I took
 in a curio shop located along state highway 40-heading to Dinosaur. Your skies and streams are clean . Your many landscapes
seem endless. Your culture varied. This is the American west.
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Canyons and Deserts : My View

Now , here is a site we need to be concerned with . It has gorgeous views , and also has some really nice trails to hike on the Utah side of the park as well as a great primitive campground located a relatively short drive down a dirt road north of the town of Dinosaur, Colorado. Unfortunately, the main campground,located in the west half of the park, like so many other parks in this region of the country - and operated by all levels of government - is so brightly lit up at night from pole and restroom lights that as the sun goes down, the sense of peacefulness and feeling of tranquility tend to be forgotten or overlooked. It is my sincerest hope that the camping areas of these western parks -- which are located in some of the most gorgeous and treasured areas of our country --continue to be kept in an as primitive and natural state as possible. However, I do believe that at least a single dirt road must be allowed to remain & be used so that there is, at least, a reasonable means of access for the general public. Continued use of old dirt access roads, such as the one leading into the eastern section of Dinosaur, assures that this & many other parks will continue to be used, appreciated, and enjoyed, and that the public will continue to show an interest and concern for protecting and preserving what these wonderful areas have to offer us.

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