Better Not Hide Here - You Will Freeze !

 John Wesley Powell , famed explorer of the Green and Colorado rivers , camped
 here on the banks of the Green in 1871.
Fremont Indian pictographs
Image by Robert Pear.
Native Beauty

The " Jones Hole Trail " is about 40 miles from Vernal , Utah - in a remote section of Dinosaur National Monument.While there is little change in the elevation , the hot weather hike seemed strenuous (I have become skilled only with cool weather hiking).The 8 mile round trip hike has scenic red cliffs and follows a stream.It ends at the Green River.I also hiked this trail in November. It was a " very " chilly hike!

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There are five pages about Dinosaur National Monument. Two in the Mysterioso section (including this one), two in the hiking section, and the other one is known as "page3.html". The two section list pages makes it easy to spot the links to them.

NOTES: the town of Vernal, Utah has a number of motels. There are also restaurants that are not associated with the motels (and a few that are). If planning to stay overnight in Vernal you should call ahead of time during the busy summer tourist season.The towns restaurants are not limited to fast food chains but include several "one of a kind" restaurants that add to the overall feeling of being in a resort environment. Meals are generally family priced. There are a few spots in town to buy souvenir items. Also plenty of gas stations and a grocery store or two.

While in route to Dinosaur National Monument you might notice a few other communities that amount to "VERY SMALL VILLAGES" and they might not seem quite so far away from the monument- but available resources are very limited "AT BEST".
Article by Robert Pear