This is "Goblin Valley State Park" in Utah!

This Ghostly Site Deserves More Recognition.

Here is the " Goblin Valley " ,near Hanksville ,Utah.It has geological features quite different than anywhere else .Its uniqueness seems to be due to the fact that these rock formations are so lifelike in appearance ,and because there are so very many of them concentrated into such a small area.The total size of this area would probably be no more than a few tenths of a mile if measured from any two points on opposing sides of its outer perimeter."Passed over" for consideration as a National Monument (I can't understand why) ,it is one of the most remote , quiet ,attention grabbing, and picturesque places I have been to.It is fascinating to walk by or between rock formations in the darkness of night, and view unique geological formations such as these. While the campground is not entirely primitive , you can still enjoy a camping experience which is "unintruded upon".Its last campsite , is out of view of recreational vehicles. Eventually ,the blair of automobile headlights will ruin its solitude in the early morning hours--the area has been receiving increased publicity . Adding a primitive campsite in a more isolated spot ,off limits to large R.V.'s and set back from the main access road, would assure quiet and primitive camping for tent campers for many years to come. Just in case this does not happen--if I were you , I would visit this site pretty soon--its tranquility has not been spoiled yet.

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