The Jardine Juniper and Jardine Juniper Trail

Experiencing The Trail and Scenic Vistas

The trailhead of the " Jardine Juniper Trail " starts at the "Woodcamp" campsite-a forest service campground-north of Logan,Utah in "Logan Canyon".The hike is about a 9 or 10 mile round trip which starts at 4400 feet in elevation and culminates at this 3200 year old juniper----a 2800 foot ascent to the top .The hike up takes a little under 3 hours .Once you begin your decent--it is about a 2 hour return trip .From about 1 hour into the hike until approximately the halfway point of the hike up, the elevation of the trail begins to rise more rapidly--becomming strenuous on occasion.About this time there is a cutoff ,clearly visable,looking towards the left. This cutoff, if chosen , will detour you off the main trail and into the "Mount Naomi Wilderness" area .When staying on the main trail and looking towards the right,there are many gorgeous views of the"Bear River Mountain Range".The canyon is lush with vegetation.Near the top there is a loop where you can either turn left (the wooded route) or right(the sunny scenic route).Either choice will take you to trails end-at the Jardine Juniper tree . I opted for the sunny route to enjoy the open vistas and also because it was a rather chilly morning ---- near the start of the trail there was ice on a grassy area. A result of frozen mist from a small stream.It was a nice hike.

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