bird image taken by Robert Pear in the Fort
 Myers / Matlacha Florida area.

Lush Green Forest

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SO,aren't you getting tired of sitting in that squashy little 10th floor office in downtown Chicago or Times Square, New York -looking down at noisy traffic and construction cranes? Maybe you should get in a train,plane,or your truck, and find out what a great looking place this country really is!--OH!-- and don't worry about the light pollution .There are still a few campgrounds and campsites left where you can avoid the problem .


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Here are some links to park information you may find useful. For Grand Teton National Park- Bee Two (Preferred) or The Summit or Just Like Magic. The information on them is identical. They all include a PDF link for easy reading or smart phones.

Yellowstone National Park information- Below The 45th (Waterfall) (Preferred). or Bullelk Both have identical information and a PDF file for easier reading or for smart phones. DINOSAUR MONUMENT

Enchanting 3 BIG files (2 maps, 1 for main text). Teton Rocks (Preferred). 3 BIG files (has identical text). These two pages are about the "Taggart Lake Trail" in Grand Teton. (smart phone users must use the PDF link to read the text)

PAGE 1 Seagull - taken at Sugarhouse Park in Salt Lake City, Utah. Buffalo image taken in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Lower left- Sundance ski resort - north of Provo, Utah. Lower right- Brighton Ski Area- near Salt Lake City. PAGE 2 photos: The trail in Price Canyon Recreation area - north of Price, Utah. PAGE 3 photos : Top - Dinosaur National Monument near the Colorado / Utah state line. The other image is of Little Cottonwood Canyon near Salt Lake City, Utah. PAGE 4 - Click the "Canyonlands" link to view an image of "Gooseberry Canyon" with "very" primitive camping. Reached by trail, the return hike is extremely steep and strenuous. (For more details - view PDF version of this page). Page 5 bird - Southwest Florida. Baby fox photo was taken at the "Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge" near Ogden, Utah. Lower area- two left photos are Dinosaur National Monument. Right photo - is of Sundance ski resort. PAGE 6 - Top left - wildlife in the Banff / Jasper National Park areas of Alberta, Canada. Middle photo is along a trail which can be accessed from the south rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona- the "South Kaibab" or the "Bright Angel" trail. Right photo is another trail I have also hiked which started at a lodge at Moraine Lake, in Banff National Park, Canada. This is an absolutely gorgeous trail. The hike, moderately hard, lasted several hours and the elevation rose considerably but eventually leveled out into a huge open field equivalent in size to many football fields. That's where I shot this image. The "Wheeler Peak Trail" (Great Basin "link" on page 6) is a moderate hike that levels out at times. The view is of Wheeler Peak.


There are many state parks in the west - such as Goblin Valley which has very unusual rock formations - or Rockport State Park. A few high elevation natural area have ice fishing too.

I prefer taking a balanced approach on parks, monuments, or cultural buildings, with emphasis on the west and hope my articles and images have expressed enough concerns that they will not be ignored but will instead remain well preserved , natural , and unintruded upon to be enjoyed by all.

PAGE 1 and 2 Animations by Robert Pear. I do not want my photographs to be exploited for personal or company profit. Should anyone want to use any of them, please email me to ask my permission.

ALL Webpage photos were taken by,and all webpage text was written by me -Robert Pear- EXCEPT-PAGE 1- Poem-"To Know The Dark" By Wendell Barry, from-"The Earth Speaks" By Steve Van Matre and Bill Weiler. Published by "The Institute for Earth Education". Any other images (photos) or text that may be added to my web pages will be, and can be assumed to be, images that were taken by me, or text that was written by me (the website creator) unless otherwise noted. A few were chosen because I felt they would do the best job of expressing viewpoints I feel are important. PAGE 3 map- public domain map. Phrase "the earth....." is my "take off"of a phrase in a book by Edward Abbey. Backgrounds on pages- 4, 6, "pricecanyon.html" & "mysterioso.html" created by me. Backgrounds used on "viewtower" page -plus- "index" &"passage"(both altered by me) -were free " no obligation " downloads. I created the orange looking background used on many pages in the "BIG" (wildlife) section.

ANIMATED figures came from "Powersource Native American Arts and Education". These Animated drawings include---page 2 Hummingbird-artwork by Dorothea M. Exis, page 3 Wolf - artwork by Eric Grosman, page 3 Armadillo-artwork by Dorothea M. Exis, page 5 spider-artwork created by Kevin Cheng. Also - "Grandeur.html" - lizard by Brian Chen , rabbit by Margo Thorn.

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