Bighorn sheep near the-Columbia Icefield-of Jasper 
 National Park-Alberta,Canada. In August 1869, John Wesley Powell explored  
 the Grand Canyon. His party used boats made of oak.
 Canyon became national park in 1919. One facinating look at at the Columbia Icefield
 nearby, and you see rocks,exposed in the last couple years, 
 that were covered by glaciers for millenniums. This gif image a free no obligation download.

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It is neccessary to make parks accessable for all to appreciate their beauty, tranquil nature, and solitude.While protection of them is needed, they must be protected in a way that does not deny access to most potential visitors.Although habitat is a major concern in places such as Alaska,denying a practical means of access(a simple dirt road) prevents the vast majority of people from being able to enjoy them. If roads are a problem, another affordable solution must be found--A rail line maybe-now being used in at least one national park? Shutting down dirt access roads and closing existing trails is not the answer!It's bad for anyone to have to miss the chance to see scenic areas --because many old dirt roads , trails ,or campsites have now been closed.

Returning to numerous parks in which campsites had been closed previously- because of a monsoon or rainy summmer-I have been disappointed years later to find that the campsites were never reopened,or,at best,it would be years before the affected area of a camp would ever reopen again. Want to know a couple?A portion of the "Guadalupe Mountains National Park"(Texas) main campground. A large area of the campground at "Great Basin National Park" , Nevada.If restrictions on roads, trails, and camps will not allow new ones to be built, then we should allow the existing ones to remain open,and be maintained more frequently.With visitation increasing in our parks,it does seem practical to leave existing facilities open to alleviate overcrowding and allow everyone opportunity to see the great "backcorner" areas of these,our national treasures.

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As for alterations / restorations in natural areas---the Great Salt Lakes shoreline , for example , needs to be left unaltered .Fresh air , " open spaces", and natural scenery are needed near big cities.The lake is the largest natural lake in the U.S.-except for the "Great Lakes",and birds use it when migrating.

The train depot in Death Valley-is part of our history.Its interior should be restored and open to the public .The "Shafer Trail Road" in "Canyonlands National Park" on the "Colorado Plateau",has some of the most unusual and unique geological features found on the planet- so access to it must be allowed so its beauty can be appreciated. Hiking Trails. --- New Index (contemporary) or New Index (classic) --- (classic is good for mobile devices)

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RUINS in "Canyon De Chelly"
National Monument, Arizona.
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