Stranger Than Paradise

Artistic Scenes Of Everyday Life
" Quietly There "
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Wasps on "Hickeys Creek Trail" in Hickeys Creek Mitigation Park in Alva , Florida - near Fort Myers . Heavily wooded , the trail has some pretty unusual sights - but you must be "on the lookout" - or you will miss them ! Low growth stumps with rounded tops "point up" from the ground as if trying to direct your eyes at a particular subject. Fungus growth on the forest floor resembling mushrooms is peculiar looking and sometimes quite large. Continue hiking the trail and see ponds surrounded by lush vegitation.

Vines, similar in appearance to lily pads, float on the waters surface . Walk quietly to spot turtles sitting on fallen tree trunks - jetting out from the waters edge . In the "early going" -you will see a fishing pier. Later on, the trail eventually splits - to the " North Marsh Trail " or the " Palmetto Pines Trail ". There are wooden pedestrian bridges with alternative spots to fish and gorgeous views of the creek . This is not a hard trail to hike. Winter is, of course , the best time to go. If you do go in summer - bring an ample supply of water . South Florida summers are very hot & humid! More Trails and Images