Hello Dollies'

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TOP LEFT : The Sword Balancer is "into the arts" and has performed at many southwest Florida locations including here in downtown Fort Myers during "Music Walk". She can belly dance too! "Music Walk", like "Art Walk", is held every month.

TOP RIGHT : Frankie Colt And The Frankie Boys sounded quite a bit "hillbilly like" to me-something I am usually "not into" but they were a lively group that was just- Oh! - so much fun to watch and listen to !

THE FOUR MODELS work with a promotion company named "Riddim Runway". Based in the Caribbean area , they were performing an outdoor fashion show in front of the Davis Art Center to help raise money for the local "CCMI Soup Kitchen". The image of the crowd was made looking in the opposite direction. (Who really wanted to do that ?)

THE DOG AND LITTLE GIRL were captured quickly. I spotted them near a street corner.

All images are of "Music Walk" - held the 3rd Friday of every month.