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" A Different Shore "
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Well , what do you think ? This is the fishing pier in Fort Myers Beach on Estero Island along the Gulf Coast of southern Florida . The image is meant to be displayed on an Imac computer in Leopard OSX and Safari.It will display too dark on most other computers.Using a digital SLR camera and a long exposure in very dim light (if any at all) , this shot had no adjustments made to it except for slight brightening.

Do you like this night shot of the pier on Estero Island in Fort Myers Beach , Florida ? (From College Parkway turn south on Summerlin Road , then go to the 2nd overpass and turn left on San Carlos Boulevard - which ends here at the pier and "Times Square"). The pier location is family oriented , safe, and well patrolled - serving as the "hub" - or center of activity on Fort Myers Beach. Along with several delicious fish restaurants , an ice cream franchise , and even (a few hundred yards away - on Estero Boulevard) a well known restaurant chain (whose name is more often associated with an owl than a restaurant) - the area includes stores selling such things as beach attire , beach supplies , and souvenirs . ( Note: Do not confuse Estero Island and Estero Boulevard with Estero , Florida - a town located in a different area of the state ).

This spot has " A touch of South Beach " to it . There are several bands - and even if you are no longer interested in the type of music they play ( I'm not these days ! ) - don't worry - it isn't loud enough to spoil the atmosphere of this beautiful beach location . Around dusk (at least on weekends) you might notice a few street performers - including one (who says he's not homeless) that sits on a unicycle doing a juggling act.

PIER : The foreground building has a snack shop ( I am not sure if you can buy fish bait there) . The pier background building has benches to sit on under the roof . People fish mainly from this area of the pier . The pier is also a great spot to view birds . Pelicans and other birds are constantly sitting on the side rails and the rooftop. See the NAPLES PIER (Also listed in the "Jenny" Section). Right images: downtown Fort Myers.