A Man , A Girl , And A Butterfly Or Two

Artistic Scenes Of Everyday Florida Life - And An Exotic Bird .
" Beauty And The Tropics "
Kind Of Nosey !

This Is "Butterfly World" near Floridas' east coast - not far from Del Ray Beach , Boynton Beach , and Fort Lauderdale . Partitioned into 3 sections - it includes exotic birds. According to a reliable source - the bird near the upper right corner of webpage (though I can't confirm or deny this) is a Catalina Macaw and is perhaps a cross between a "Scarlet" and a "Blue and Gold" . A hybrid , it does not occur naturally in the wild . Once I arrived in the butterfly section , I was amazed at the large number and types of butterflies I saw - most of which I had probably never seen before . It was a beautiful sight ! (Right image) - I posed the girl where a butterfly had just landed. (Above) - a butterfly (apparently in no hurry to leave) , landed on a mans finger . After several visitors (myself included) took several shots , I asked if I could shoot again from a different vantage point . He approved and this is what I came up with . (I should have named it "Silence of the Butterflies"). Finally - This image of an exotic flower was shot nearby at a location known as "Tropical World Nursery" in Boynton Beach , Florida . With differing opinions amongst my relatives - I decided to include two versions of it . The pastel one ( lower right ) is the original .

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