Black Canyon-A Place You May Wish To Return To.

Trails, Tranquility----and The Rim.

The "South Rim Campground" appears to be where most of the large R.V.'s and family campers stay.The "East Portal Campground",accessable from the Canyons south rim , is located down at the bottom of the canyon.The drive to the bottom of the canyon is an "extremely"steep grade-off limits to large R.V.'s.It draws family and group campers.The campground is very heavily shaded. -Roads- There are many exquisit viewpoints along the "South Rim Road" that are comparable to the North Rims main scenic drive -but -since the South Rim is higher in elevation ,the viewpoints across the Canyon as viewed from its North Rim looking south ,seemed slightly more impressive to me.-Trails-The south rims"Warner Point trail"-an easy trail (although it is listed as being a harder trail to hike) is a short 1 mile round trip .Although it isn't too challenging a hike , it is worth going on because it had some very impressive scenery.The view at the end of it seemed to be the most impressive spot of all!-A Final word-Anything less than "National Park"status would not do this park any justice at all .Regardless of which rim is more suitable to your needs-"This new National Park is a 5 star site!It is in my view-One of the crown jewels of our country and of the entire continent"---As for which rim I prefer-"I'll take the North".

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